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Customer Testimonials

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Gents, Appreciate you making the cellular connection so easy! Daniel E. President

Configures very well, great instructions.  Thanks for your help. Paige L. Engineering Manager

You have been extremely helpful and accommodating through this process. We have tried other methods without success.  It is very much appreciated.  Terry C. Manufacturing Support Manager

Our customers have the highest standards, we rely on you, and everything "just works" every time!  Ron G. Service Director

Thanks for the help. This was simpler than I figured. Mike P. Program Administrator

This is a great service you are providing vs. dealing with Cellular carriers ourselves. I look forward to working with you, on this project and on future projects.  Augie T.  Senior Industrial Controls Technician

The team here greatly appreciates your great support on this! Muthu N. VP of Technology

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the hustle you laid down for us today. In no small part, your expertise and responsiveness made today’s deployment successful.  Could not be happier!    Jerry H. Principal Engineer

Thanks for your help in getting us into the 21st century. Scott L. Director of Purchasing

Thanks! They work great. That was EASY. Scott G. Production Coordinator

Everything is working great with this product. Scott M.  Sr. Controls & Automation Engineer

Thanks for your help on this matter. I am instructing our IT person to order more SIM Kits.  Thanks again.   Fernando P.  Engineering Manager

We are having great success with the cellular eWON tool kit that we assembled.  It has already saved us two site visit trips. My boss wants me to build more of these kits.   Steve R.   Electrical Systems Engineer